Your Partner For Solutions


Manufacturing Information Solutions is a manufacturing software solution provider.  By combining high quality software products from multiple vendors with strong technical expertise, M.I.S. is able to provide systems to solve many common shop floor problems.


In addition to software, we provide a variety of serial, Ethernet and wireless solutions for data communication and data collection.


Our customers depend on us to solve their CNC communications (DNC), G-code editing, machine data collection, shop floor documentation, tool/gage crib management, NC verification and traveler/router needs. When our off-the-shelf products don't fit their needs completely, M.I.S. provides custom software development services to extend the capabilities of Predator application software.


We support all of the current and past DNC Software products.  We are focused primarily on machine shops and manufacturing companies but do not exclude other industries.


If needed, custom applications can be developed to work with existing systems like ERP/MRP, accounting, or other manufacturing or engineering programs.