About Manufacturing Information Solutions



Manufacturing Information Solutions was founded on the principle that manufacturers, particularly the smaller to medium sized ones, needed assistance automating, especially with respect to computers and computer software. We found that the larger software vendors did not target, nor could they justify the resources to target, these smaller to medium sized manufacturers as potential customers. When they did, they merely sold to them, they didn't really try to "help" them.   M.I.S was created to help the manufacturer.



Our mission statement is simple:



Do everything possible to make the customer more efficient and therefore more profitable.


In doing so, they will become a satisfied customer and a repeat customer.


We help them, they will help us.



In 1966 Elk-Bend Machine and Supply was founded. It started out selling perishables such as saw blades and coolant, then grew to selling manual metal working equipment and eventually to CNC--Computer Numerically Controlled-- machine tools. Elk-Bend later evolved into a company known as Beta Technology. The company still sells new and used machine tools, as well as conducting appraisals and liquidations. As the manual machines became more sophisticated, Beta Tech's customers needed help in running these CNC machines, primarily in the form of computer software which was needed to operate them, and in the training of the operators on how to use the software.


A "Software Division" was created to help the customer utilize their newly acquired CNC machines to their fullest potential. Sometimes this meant incorporating CAD/CAM software to create the G-Code necessary to run the machine tool and sometimes it meant DNC to get the G-code into the machine tool. At times it meant setting up and training the customer and their employees on the use of SPC so that they could consistently produce quality parts. At other times it meant the custom writing of software programs to meet their specific needs.


In February of 1994, the "Software Division" had accumulated enough customers and was gaining so much new interest and potential customers, that it was "spun off" as it's own entity. Before that could happen however, a new name had to be created.


Many long hours were spent trying to find a suitable name. The individuals involved wanted a name that really meant something. A name that described what the company would be and what it would do. A name that a potential customer could identify with. A name that would be easily identifiable with the products & services which it had to offer. In the end, the basic underlying thought of the company was selected to represent itself: Manufacturing Information Solutions.


The abbreviation of the new name also meant something in-and-of-itself. To most people, when they see or hear the letters "M.I.S." they think of computers, software, and possibly the "IT department." That is exactly what and how we wanted people to think of us; as "their" IT department. And that's exactly who we are; the people who's job it is to help you do your jobs better. We wouldn't have it any other way.